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When Damon enters the tomb, he discovers that Katherine is not there.Anna rescues her mother and discloses a secret about Katherine to Damon.I hope you all have fun times with my imagines, don't forget to leave some feed... guys omg wtf thank you so much for 400K i swear you're the best !!! ↳ the most intimate, yet beautiful wedding ever after the most adorable, lovely proposal ever ↳ sitting on your rooftop, watching the stars with him under a blanket when you can't sleep ↳ kisses that are either as tender and fond as only possible, or so hot and breath-taking you feel like fainting ↳ spending most of your time at his house with him and damon ↳ adorable nicknames for each other ↳ always texting each other when you can't be together ↳ good morning and good night texts if he's not there to cuddle with you ↳ him buying you dozens of puppies or kittens and naming them after the mystic falls gang ↳ small, but meaningful gifts ↳ watching your favorite movies with him while cuddling and eating popcorn and obsessing over the characters ↳ forcing him to start a youtube vlog with you ↳ him complimenting you all the time, just out of nowhere saying in the middle of a sentence how beautiful you are and how he can't take his eyes off of you ↳ love on such a deep level nothing or no one could ever separate you two ↳ !!! He started his theater studies in New York City and transferred from Marlboro High School to Lakewood Prep School in Howell, New Jersey because the school was able to better accommodate his acting schedule.

Wesley has hosted two fundraising campaigns on to raise funds for charity."Fool Me Once" is a great episode of "The Vampire Diaries", maybe the best so far.The revelation of the fate of Katherine to Damon will probably affect him somehow.For his first campaign, Wesley released a cat shirt design to raise funds for The Humane Society of the United States. came back on the air last week, which was an event all serious TVD fans were waiting for.

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