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As he brought to bear his intellect and passion for Liberia, I heard the President on several occasions marveling at Byron’s skills but also remarking: “You must have strong stomach” to digest Byron’s doses of advice.

A couple of years after Byron left the Tolbert Administration for the second and last time, the military coup d’état of 1980 occurred.

Doe, imprisoned and his house deliberately burned to the ground by Doe’s soldiers.

Upon his release from prison he briefly settled in the United States, but professional opportunities in short order took him further afield.

1981 – June 1982) and was Minister of Finance in the Interim-Government led by Amos Sawyer (1990 – 1992).

Byron Tarr was a founding member of the Liberian Action Party (LAP) and served as its Secretary General.

As I pause to remember my friend, I extend heartfelt condolences to his family particularly his three surviving children – Stanley Byron Tarr, Seymour Bruce Tarr and Aimee Zeoweh Tarr. When the history of Steve’s effective though controversial stewardship of the Finance Ministry of the era is written, Bryon will perforce figure prominently.

And so he became a part of at least the first interim governing arrangement during the war years, even serving briefly as Finance Minister in the Interim Government of National Unity (IGNU).Though this tragedy was the proximate cause for his withdrawal from government service and returning to the U. The new Job was Comptroller General of State-Owned Enterprises with mandate to improve the sector, including privatizing some of the state enterprises.But Byron’s responsibilities extended beyond public corporations, as he soon became an informal advisor to President Tolbert on matters affecting the national economy.Once a semblance of peace was restored to the country, Tarr resumed his private consultancy work.He accepted membership on the Core Team and leader of the economy team preparing LIBERIA VISION 2030 long-term perspective study. Byron Tarr, is dead’, in: Daily Observer, October 9, 2017.

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The records of his deeds are there for public examination and evaluation. We talked about the challenges facing the new Administration of President William R. Two years later, I returned home with my family and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. system in New York, there were also echoes of personal disillusionment with the Administration.

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