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It's pretty content free, but the production values are high.

Lots of quirky sounds and fish swimming on the screen. Plenty Of Fish is a hugely popular on-line dating system slammed by over 45 million visitors a month and 30 million hits a day (500 - 600 pages per second).

As a result, if you add only one source IP address, the SI can support up to a maximum of 64,000 simultaneous connections to the real servers.If you configure 64 source IP addresses, the SI can support more simultaneous connections.For startup like Markus, what is the best hosting option (and grow more later)?Update: by Facebook standards Read/Write Web says POF is worth a cool one billion dollars. But that's not the most interesting part of the story. How are all these love connections made using so few resources? and u know where everyone hopes it leads to in their own different ways.All this is handled by one person, using a handful of servers, working a few hours a day, while making million a year from Google ads. The same why everyone gawks at Paris Hilton and her doings ..

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