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We are raising the issue with Apple as well since Apple is the one that distributes this software to the public; legally, both parties have the responsibility to comply with the GPL.The only thing we're doing differently is making this announcement.Explorer is in black and white, and allows for board sizes of 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19.Explorer has 2 algorithms to play against; Swiss Explorer and Lookahead (somewhat weaker).All normal board sizes and handicaps are supported. This is a recent port of Gnu Go 3.2 to the Classic (pre-OS-X) Mac OS.

Apple is free to distribute our software through the App Store if they wish, but they cannot take advantage of the license's permissions while turning a blind eye to the conditions.

So today we have written to Apple and asked them to come into compliance.

We would be happy to see Apple distribute these programs under the GPL's terms, but unfortunately, it seems much more likely that they'll simply make the problem go away by removing GNU Go from the App Store.

Please go to the i OS software page for current information on this software. These descriptions were mostly written by dlbond, and are given here with his permission.

The programs described are available via this page. The current version of Gnu Go compiles out of the box on OS X, and is probably the strongest program you will find for the Mac.

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