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In an interview with , they asked Nialler about what he thought of speculation surrounding the song whether people could think it was about anyone from Selena Gomez to Ellie Goulding. In true Niall fashion, he answered, "I would obviously like it ["Too Much To Ask" to go to number one, that would be the dream. If it's getting a lot love and jumps in at number two or number three, I don't mind." Okay, but we still want to know and we're going to speculate. We've come up with a list of women that have, at some point or another, taken his heart in the past six or seven years.There's no telling if the song really is about one of these lucky ladies but it's always fun to try and guess what exactly is running through Niall's head.She is originally from Australia and when the boys performed in Aussie she was photographed before the show and backstage with them.Not only that but Niall and Melissa were seen leaving multiple parties, functions, and events together.Selena and Niall have hung out on numerous occasions over the years.

Niall and Barbara were seen holding hands and double dating with Liam Payne and Sophia Smith.

It's possible Niall could have secretly been very heartbroken over her choice to move on from their scandalous relationship.

Not only that but when Niall appeared on James Corden's segment of "Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts" he chose Ellie when asked who he would spend his last night on earth with. Melissa and Niall had a thing for a while during the One Direction glory days.

It's possible she broke his heart but we're chalking this up to puppy love.

Niall definitely needed a more real and mature experience than this one to write a song like "Too Much To Ask." . Between the big man putting a stomp on the yet to be formed relationship and Niall being Niall, there's literally no way on this planet that "Too Much To Ask" is about Demi.

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