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"Buried Secrets" revisits the first season storylines of sexual tension between Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim) and Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineau) and the mutual detestation between Sun's husband Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Michael.

These conflicts were going to be further explored in the first season; however, positive fan reaction to Sun and Jin as a couple and good chemistry between the actors playing Michael and Jin led to the abandonment of the love triangle.

The Writers Guild of America strike occurred as the mobisodes were released, due to television writers wanting a deal similar to that achieved for Missing Pieces.

The mobisodes were later released as special features on the DVD and Blu-ray sets of Lost: The Complete Fourth Season – The Expanded Experience in the second half of 2008.

After two mobisodes aired, UGO's Jon Lachonis wrote that "the [first two] mobisodes ...

have most fans kvetching about the irrelevancy and down right Lost-lessness of the tidbits that are meant to traverse gaps in the story", "it's way too early to dismiss the mobisodes as a complete waste of time, as Lost has a long history of righting its own wrongs and the best may certainly be yet to come" and "[Frogurt is] the most annoying person on Lost's mystery island".

At Comic-Con International in July, Lindelof and Cuse announced that only thirteen mobisodes would be produced.

In response to fan inquiries about Lost's thirty-odd background characters, the Lost Video Diaries would focus on a self-contained story about two survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 who had not previously been introduced.

Christian gives Jack a watch that had been passed down to him by his father.

As Hurley gets wine for his picnic with Libby on day 64, he is confronted by crash survivor Neil, a frozen yogurt salesman nicknamed Frogurt.

Frogurt tells Hurley that he also has a crush on Libby and is waiting for Hurley's relationship with her to crumble.

Sometime during days 75 to 79 when Jack is living with the Others in the Barracks, Jack and Ben play chess.

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