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Peter has engaged art-expert FBI, suspicious-natured agent Kramer to assess Caffrey, whom they suspect to have hidden the treasure.

Neal gets wind of their trap and makes Mozzie track the Degas, so he can replace it with a forgery in tycoon collector Elliott Richmond's penthouse.

He goes to work and leaves it, Elizabeth is there when she hears a conversation it's picking up that the neighbors are having.

That's when she hears them talking about a crime they're planning. He and Neal go to check it out but nothing is happening.

Posing as him, Neal sets a trap, but their prime suspect is actually shot at by the real hacker, who proves elusive even once identified.Matthew Keller is back and wants the treasure at any cost.Peter brings home a scanner that can pick up sounds from far away.Peter asks Neal how Keller will get the artifact into New York, so he brings Peter to a fence he knows. When they learn of a person who handles artifacts Neal goes undercover.Mozzie admits that he deliberately sold a Degas from the treasure to force Neal to chose whether to start their new life together or not.

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